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Detailing Packages - Subject to Change

#1 - Ultimate Hand Car Wash

Keep Your car clean and conditioned with the "Ultimate Hand Car Wash". The Vehicle is pre-treated and then hand washed. Wheels and door jams are cleaned. Wheel wells are pressure washed. Interior is vacuumed and wiped down. Windows are cleaned inside and out, and tires are dressed.

#2 - The Maxi Mini

The "Maxi Mini" is designed to maintain your car's finishes.It includes the Ultimate Hand Car Wash. Plus all road deposits are removed, plus two coats of hand applied paint moisturizer and two coats of quality Wax. All exterior rubber is dressed with protectant.

#3 - Just the Outside Please

The "Just the Outside Please" brings your car's finish back to showroom like condition. Including the Mini Detail, a complete exterior clay bar treatment and machine polish paying special attention to minor paint deformities, two coats of paint moisturizer and two coats quality Wax. The chrome is cleaned and polished. The exterior rubber is dressed with protectant.

#4 - For Insiders Only

Invigorate your senses with the "For Insiders Only" package. We will clean the dashboard, vents, gauges, door panels, rear deck, console, ashtrays, glove box and spot headliner. Shampoo seats and carpeting, including underneath the seats. Also includes cleaning of trunk and windows.

#5 - The 24k Gold Package

The "24k Gold Package" will bring your car back to showroom condition. Include all 4 previous packages, plus our complete engine cleaning services. Your engine and the complete engine compartment is steam cleaned. The underside of your hood and engine jams are cleaned and a conditioner is applied to all rubber parts.

#6 - The Stellar Finish

The Stellar Finish includes our Mini Detail, a complete machine polish, foam pad swirl removal finish, 2 coats hand wax and 2 coats hand glaze.

Custom plans available for Boats, Motorcycles, Quads, Trailers, Recretional Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Etc.

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